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  • You've hesitated from making a Big Career Decision, because you're not sure what's the best choice
  • You want to wake up on Mondays excited to go into work - like you did on the very first day of your career
  • The job you used to love doesn't feel like a good fit any more, but you're not sure if it's you or the job 
  • You're not sure if you should stay or go - but you know you need to make some kind of move - it's time for a decision


  • How to answer 6 core questions to help you make a Big Career Decision
  • Why (and how) you should connect back to your purpose
  • Why it's hard to embrace change (Pssst: it's totally normal!)
  • How to handle emotions when you're making a decision


How long is the summit? The summit is a series of on-demand videos, and you get full access (FREE!) for 3 days to watch at your leisure.

If I register, what's expected of me? You'll get a workbook to help you take notes, but since the summit is on demand, there's no expectations of the participants :) (Maybe next year I'll do it live!) 

What if I don't have time to watch the full summit during the 3 days? The videos are snack-sized, and jam packed, so even if you can sneak in just ONE video, you'll get huge value. (Did I mention that it's FREE to register? ;)

But what if I'm really not available those 3 days? It's still worth registering! The full summit will be available after the 3 days, and if you registered, you'll get a discount to an all-access pass. 

About Your Host

Liz St. Jean is a professional coach working with people who are passionate about using their careers to make an impact in the world. With a degree in International Affairs, a flair for Big Data analysis, and experience in academic field research, Liz has experienced falling in love with multiple careers. She helps people with workplace relationships - including the relationship between you and your career. And Liz knows the power of multiple identities: she's an intrapreneur, an entrepreneur, a mom and a wife.

Curious about what exactly IS an "intrapreneur"?

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Liz St. Jean Workplace relationship coach 

The Speakers

Mohammed Sqalli Executive Coach 

Sheila Bondeson Health Coach

Regina Bazuaye Career/Work-Life Balance Coach

Rebecca Rowles Relationship Coach 

Rachel East Life & Career Coach 

Melissa Corley Carter Life Design & Mindful Leadership Coach 

Keith Sbiral Executive Coach 

Kalvina "Kali" Shelton Launch Consultant & Business Strategist

Andres Valencia hArt of Medicine Coach 

Dominique Anders Business and Lifestyle Coach 

Sarah Grausz Corporate & Employee Engagement Coach

Tara Ondusky Project Management Coach

Susan Clarine Emotional Intelligence Coach 

Lauren LeMunyan Leadership & Business Coach

Leanne Wild Leadership Coach

Madeline Schwarz Career and Communications Coach 

Karen R. Hilton Executive Coach

JJ Carolan Life Coach

Summit Overiew

On-demand video interviews with 16 expert coaches helping you answer 6 core questions to break out of your comfort zone

The 6 Core Questions to answer "What Should I Do?"

Question 1: Why aren’t you feeling fulfilled? 

Rachel East

Passion & Career

  • Knowing if your passion intersects with your career
  • Discovering your passion profile

Rebecca Rowles

Impact of Conflict

  • Dealing with workplace conflict
  • Overcoming difficult relationships

Regina Bazuaye

Work-Life Balance

  • The importance of planning your day
  • Time management in the age of social media

Question 2: What is keeping you from making a change?

Karen R. Hilton

Career Indecision

  • What keeps people from making change 
  • Impostor syndrome, fear of failure, blame-game, uncertainty, risk avoidance

Question 3: What do you want out of your career?

Mohammed Sqalli

What you need to do to get what you want

  • Finding your mission
  • How to align mission with career

Andres Valencia

Connecting back to your purpose

  • Finding what brings you joy
  • Using your strengths every day

Melissa Corley Carter

Reawakening your original purpose

  • How to define success on YOUR terms
  • Being present - getting over the "insert-next-milestone-here" cycle

Question 4: What happens if you leave? 

Sarah Grausz

Leaving your career for a new one

  • Lessons learned from a career change
  • Connect your core inner values to build a successful career

Tara Ondusky

Identifying your Why

  • Create a mission statement
  • Evaluate if the grass is greener

Question 5: What happens if you stay? 

Keith Sbiral

What you can do while maintaining your career

  • Understanding what's making you think of leaving
  • Building joy into your current job

Dominique Anders

Reigniting your passion for your job

  • What happens when you have a love/hate relationship with your career
  • Your "stay" options: Recommit, Mitigate or Shake Things Up

Question 6: What are you willing and able to change? 

Kalvina Shelton

Embracing change and knowing your mission may evolve over time 

  • Why change is so hard to embrace
  • How you can escape the comfort zone

Madeline Schwarz

What role communication can have in making you unhappy at work

  • The impact of difficult conversations on career stress
  • How to improve your speaking confidence

Decision Time

Susan Clarine

Emotional intelligence in decision making

  • What emotional intelligence has to do with decision making
  • Practicing resilience

Lauren LeMunyan

4 phase decision process on how to stay or go

  • An overview of each of the four phases of staying and going
  • Potential next steps for each phase

Leanne Wild

Exploring your options

  • Overview of your 4 main options
  • The implications of "should" 

JJ Carolan

Next Steps

  • The importance of support networks
  • Value of small discussion circles

Liz St. Jean

Intrapreneurship Masterclass: How to change your career without quitting your job

  • Being innovative, influential & impactful within an organization 
  • The value of relationships to promote your intrapreneurial ideas