Career compass

Want a meaningful career? 

Get the 5 step workbook to assess your career direction

Is your Career Compass teling you it's time to make a change?

  • Follow a step-by-step 10 question decision process for CONFIDENCE around whether you need to make a move... or stay put
  • Use a decision tree to visualize your career choices
  • Create your own momentum with a personal action plan

Hi! I'm Liz

I'm a certified professional coach and I have had my share of career pivots!

I even know what it's like to go through career BURNOUT.

I thought I was on a fast track to a PhD, when the stress overwhelmed me so badly that I literally couldn't read.  

And I do NOT want you to end up in the same place.

So I've taken everything I know about assessing your situation and I've turned it into a 7 page Career Compass workbook.


What people say

 "After working with Liz, I feel more confident moving forward in my career, in my life and in my work. I'm more aware of the gifts I want to bring to the world." - Julia F.

"Liz was able to help me truly see into myself to understand what I truly wanted in life." - Emily B. 

"Liz gave me my evenings and weekends back!" - Michelle C. 

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